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This is a place for those with questions about working in the tech industry, or any career related questions.

Professionals are welcomed to share tips in the tech industry, such as tips on getting in the industry or offer career advice. Or a question you want to ask the community? Post it here!

You may also share your experience, such as a day of life in a software engineer that type of thing, or share your experience of landing your dream job, etc. There is generally no limit on what you can post here, so be creative!

💡Here are some suggested topics that you may want to post:

  1. Share experience from the perspective of an interviewer.
  2. First week at Company X, how was the ramp up process like?
  3. Share experience/advice to new grads entering the industry. What are the most common mistakes you observed?
  4. Share experience on transitioning to an engineering manager. What were the hurdles? How did you overcame it?
  5. Share experience on career development. For example, what should you discuss during 1:1s with your manager? How did you improve your communication/writing skills? Tips on achieving impact?
  6. Share experience of how the process of intern conversion to full-time was like at Company X.

No items available at this time.